Saturday, 14 January 2017

Jeremiah’s Roomie Ferdinand Forgot Two Simple Things

Jeremiah wrote in the letter that Ferdinand must continue his journey across the five oceans, dipping when the moon rises and shinning when the tempest calls, stopping to explore the alien lands and fleeing if he sees woman with snakes for hair or trolls.

Ferdinand understood not much for he wasn’t travelling to any place and was rather at home, sick and jaded.

Jeremiah further expressed his own adventure of a morning walk through the deep dark forest when he met a king cobra who nattered about this and that, about the tales of the netherworld and of a future when the sky was to fall down; who got to the point only at last with a fang-full smile and asked him to bring all the eggs of the cuckoo bird that lived nearby.

Ferdinand spoke aloud, “But Jeremiah went to that park for morning walks…”

Jeremiah then mentioned in capital letters the highlights of THIS WORLD – 1) raven flew away and raven came back, we talked, ate and enquired, ‘who can change the track?’ 2) Maria knows that Keith knows that Jenny doesn’t know, and now we also know 3) for a few days we hosted the Police at the colony, ha ha!

Ferdinand sat straight, scratched his head and tried calling Jeremiah - “the call cannot be completed.”

Jeremiah signed off his letter with the words – flying to Alpha Centauri, good you left your swimming goggles, peace-out mate.

Ferdinand got up, stood numb holding that letter in his hand for a few seconds, then haphazardly packed his bag and left the house. Bang! He closed the door behind him, not replying to his mother’s alarmed shout, he dashed out.

Ferdinand forgot that Jeremiah was a writer, a writer by choice, profession and living standards. He also forgot his keys to the flat and that no one would be there to welcome him back as Jeremiah was flying to Alpha Centauri.

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