Thursday, 13 July 2017

Not So Lonely Island / And I am with Jake

Not so Lonely Island
Me – Hey Jake, do you want some coconut water?
Jake – No, I don’t want coconut water, I just had coconut water, how much coconut water can a man drink? Okay, give me some coconut water.

And so, I and Jake drank coconut water.
Me – Sand, sea-shells, sea-shores, ships, sharks… ‘S’… aren’t you playing Jake?
Jake – Sea gulls, sea urchins and no, I am not playing.

Jake’s not a spoilsport.
Me – Nightingale knows the night and knows the stars.
Jake – Of course it does, it has been painted along. Painted all white, white in the night?

A classical realist, just generally I mean, nothing to do with international relations, that’s Jake.
Me – A word for me? Describing me? Like for you I’d say, Hvorfor Ikke that is Danish for Why Not.
Jake – Hvorfor that’s for you.

I won’t flounder and hence, I am super quiet. Dead quiet.
Me – Time’s so slow! (Laughing) That’s my joke, Jake.
Jake – Seems more like a taunt. Here, quickly, burrow my watch in the ground.

I took it and now it is in my pocket.
Me – Why so glum, chum?
Jake – Really? I have been yodelling for an hour. What’s wrong with you?

My chum’s so caring.
Jake – I see a ship… hurry, light a fire, fireworks, burn everything, now…
Me – But we are out of firecrackers… I used them while you yodelled and I danced.

Hey ya, my bad. Jake is all smiles.
Jake – No I am not, I am clenching my teeth. And stop adding these footnotes. I hate it.
Me – As you say, dear confidant.

Jake is awestruck.
Jake – I am more appalled than anything else.
Me – But no one can tell… I know you want to keep my morale high. Wait, where are you going? Oh, time for a stroll. This will be our 57th round around the island. Cool! Well, 57th or 59th?
Jake – (Talking to himself) God, kill me now.

Jake’s praying, god, just fulfil his wish, whatever it is.


  1. The best part about this one is that it is so honestly real. Kudos. Well done. :) :) :)

  2. Real! Yes! All that I can say is... cool, cool, cool, cool ,cool, cool, cool... no doubt, no doubt, no doubt, no doubt. :-D


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