Saturday, 15 April 2017

It said Why not? It said Once more.

The Daemon
- By Louise Bogan

Must I tell again
In the words I know
For the ears of men
The flesh, the blow?

Must I show outright
The bruise in the side,
The halt in the night,
And how death cried?

Must I speak to the lot
Who little bore?
It said Why not?
It said Once more.

So to believe that the journey shouldn’t be stopped, that it can’t be stopped… to believe that it is all knowable, understandable… to believe that slow or fast pace doesn’t matter… to believe that the one within is always, always listening… to believe that with patience comes the answer… to believe that the self is in making… to believe that laughter reaches out… to believe that everyone is rising… to believe that it is not just a mere idea, a dream, a happy wish or the mind’s trick… and to believe that everything happening is true, is true?

The Daemon replied with a simple nod.


  1. I want to frame this...some of the lines have arrested my mindspace forever..."to believe that laughter reaches out" gosh. :) :) :). The virtue of the writer of this piece that easily comes out is how to squeeze one's negative emotions completely to radiate positivity out of it. :). Kudos. :)

  2. Thank you. Means a lot to me, keep reading my friend. :-)


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