Friday, 31 March 2017

The Archetypal Journey

“The contents of the collective unconscious are archetypes, primordial images that reflect basic patterns that are common to us all, and which have existed universally since the dawn of time.”
                               - Carl Jung’s concept of the collective unconscious

It is an archetypal journey. The action, the beckoning, the characteristic, the defined, the empowering, the foolish, the grand, the hierarchical, the idealistic, the justified, the karmic, the love-blind, the materialistic, the nurturing, the ordinary, the perilous, the quark-shaped, the resisting, the surviving, the tempestuous, the utopian, the visible, the wanderers, the X-catchers, the Y-believers, the zealous.

Collectively it is all done. But still the individual holds the absolute power to create… to create once again, to retell, to relive. And together we witness.

If you find the process as a slow one, then let the jester hit you with paradoxes. Understand, later you will, that every cell is wholly participating and it isn’t slow or fast, but magnificently beautiful.

This elemental connection when subtly enters the conscious, baffles and simultaneously glorifies us.

Nearing the known, reaching the unknown; beginning with a fear, ending triumphantly or vice-versa; thinking that it doesn’t matter, feeling that it does… each journey has a homeland.

Alone you walk ahead, collectively we follow. 


  1. Your best till date...i was blown away...the vocab : "eternal connection", the last line : what a punch. Incredible. Phenomenal. Take a bow. I'll revel in it's beauty forever. :)

  2. It's interesting that you've come upon Jung through that book. I've come upon it through Jordan Peterson's lectures on YouTube. It's really important for understanding life but also important for writers. The question you need to ask is why do we tell stories? It'll help you to get more clarity in your stories. I'll write about it in my blog soon but you should check out Jordan Peterson's videos if you can. I'm watching his lectures on Maps of Meaning.

  3. Thank you so much. I am delighted! :-)

  4. Thanks Eddy. Sure I will watch the videos, after all it will tell me about the art of storytelling. :-)


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