Friday, 14 October 2016

The Unfinished Book

Biting her nails, Ruby thought about the unfinished book. Drops on the window pane and the cold coffee agreed that it was late. The passing crowd in the cafe didn’t bother her, she was rather pleased. Ruby forgot about time.

Sigh! Ruby looked outside the window and saw nothing, neither the woman with the red umbrella nor her brown guide dog. She was lost; god knows where her train of thought took her by then. Playing with her scarf, she picked her coffee and took a sip. Ugh! It was bad.

Time and space hit Ruby once again, she checked her watch and decided to leave, just then her eyes fell on the woman with red umbrella; she recognised her and her brown guide dog. Ruby’s eyes revealed something.

As she watched that woman and her dog crossing the road, a part of her got up and left. Heavy eyed, Ruby saw herself through the window; she quickly crossed the road and stopped the woman. They talked animatedly for a while.

Ruby in the cafe looked longingly at the scene. The other Ruby started walking along the woman and her guide dog. Shaking her head in disbelief, but still smiling, the Ruby in the cafe got up, paid the bill and went outside.

There she waited for a few minutes and then walked in the direction where that woman and a part of herself went.

Night Jasmine

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