Sunday, 18 December 2016

The Moon Talks

In its stillness the moon shines poetically and travels through the same old route and reaches the very many hearts of its listeners.
I believe in your dreams, your smiles and tears.

The wavy mountains make a marvellous backdrop for the moon to become brighter, where it meets the eyes of a lone survivor.
I walk along; I follow wherever you go.

Amongst the twinkling stars, the moon beams broadly and warmly at the free souls, the little ones.
Yes, you can do magic and hide me in your lotus fists.

Deep, true brush strokes attempts to take the moon’s magic and pour it in a canvas.
I blush, yes, all the while.

The night sky and the blue ocean together carry the moon’s palanquin, rhythmically and lovingly they move.
I take their colours and they take mine.

A curtain draws, a window opens up and someone, in the serene peaceful moonlight, says a prayer.
And I say amen.

Ocean Meets Sky by Terry Fan


  1. Seems the writer's beauty has magnified as much - both internally as externally, as has for the moon after this post. <3. Please keep writing. :) :)

  2. Oh wow! What an impact! Well, thank you for the lovely comment; I surely will keep writing and you please keep reading.



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