Saturday, 30 April 2016

Life Affirming Pair of Socks with Three Holes in It

Eddy told me, spiritedly, after watching a documentary on how the cells function in our body, that he has found his long lost faith in life. I could sense his words were imbued with this newly found faith. Great, I thought. Just then he saw my socks and before I could utter a single word to appreciate his metamorphosis, he politely questioned and shockingly answered, “Three holes in each of your socks?!”

Eddy went back to his room; I wonder how many months will he take this time to recuperate fully.

Anyways, so I checked my socks and somehow the holes in it made me believe that if this can work, anything can.

Dears, today I am working with this positivity in life. Thanks to the socks with three holes in it.

Who, Eddy? Oh! No, he is still in the room. But that’s life. Cheers!


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