Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Forgotten Memory

I live in a forgotten memory state most of the times, walking along the sun and the moon, day and night. Only rarely I stop to relish Time as I understand it, as I feel it and as it is. The permanence once broken, gazing at Time, I am left utterly surprised. Astonished, I either laugh or cry. Occasionally I question it, avoiding the immediate answer.

Everything’s a repeat with a mild treasure of experience here and pieces of happy love there. But what is with the definite tad of magic in each poor-mediocre-rich life? I say this magic is responsible for breaking the humdrum existence. Routine, shallow journey suddenly becomes grandiose, miraculous and whatnot.

Apart from the universe-wide-famous constant change, there is another true power - to forget or not to forget. And I choose not to forget, but I’ll need to remind myself to remember it. Meanwhile, I have the sun and the moon and I am walking along, day and night.

Down To The Cove In Moonlight by Phil Whiting


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