Monday, 23 November 2015

In Oblivion

The first painting is in a gold frame, neat and perfect, so grand and precious that almost untouchable, but only if you gaze to pass by. If you stop to gaze, ponder over and stay quiet, you start to see the flaw. The shining plastic layer disappears and you get to see the cracks everywhere. Just like a true realization, this happens really slowly. Colours, the violet, the reddest of red, the emerald green and the deep yellow look sad and ready to shed away anytime, at any moment. But the gold frame, a trickster, keeps the colours together, dead or alive and manages to pose for eons.

Another painting, without a frame, but nevertheless with rough and sudden boundaries, looks straight at you, making you pause. Amongst the faded attempts of all the colours to present an impeccable tale, rich hazel brush strokes alone in the painting gives it the eyes to express. Eyes that make you wonder and leave you awestruck. This perforated paper then becomes a memory collector.

A painting without limits exists. The colours are pensive, silky and bright, almost invisible. Seeping everywhere, every moment, the painting is.

“And she drank herself into oblivion.”

Sunday, 22 November 2015

‘In Defence of our Present' I#SupportFTII

The Government is acting so senselessly that now it has all become like a bad, a very bad quality of film. It has become an annoying and unacceptable farce. But farce it maybe, it surely is not a film, it is real life and there are people who are suffering… suffering because of a range of bigoted ideas wrapped in empty patriotic beliefs that has been nurturing differences among people from generations. This will go on and on and will affect every individual on this planet in some way, if we refuse to understand each other, if we deny looking for the truth on our own level and if we don’t take a stand. Every bit counts!

Download the booklet, share the link, spread the word…it counts!

Thank you! 

‘In Defence of our Present – On giving up the National Awards’ is a booklet released by Solidarity with ‪#‎FTII‬, a group of filmmakers who came together to protest against the blatant disregard by this government for plurality, tolerance and secularism in the country as well as their attempts to destroy the excellence of institutions like Film and Television Institute of India. The booklet brings together statements by filmmakers on returning their National Awards as well as essays on the struggle of FTII students.
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