Monday, 30 November 2015

A Dream of Twin Rainbows

My imagination is strong and hence I can see
The waterfalls, mesmerizing clouds and the ever working bees
I am very much alive with a working clock
Hanging on the earthen, painted, plastic wall saying ‘tick-tock-tick-tock’
My ears don’t bleed anymore and though my eyes are shy to blink
I have learned to bar the command and hide behind a paused wink
Master shouts and thunderbolts hit the wall
Faking to cry and tremble, I try to make the cage fall
Yes! I live in a cage! But I have a dream, a dream of twin rainbows
I will one day fly towards it, crossing the ocean of dead vows
There I will soulfully sing and freely dance and just be me
My imagination is strong and hence I can see


  1. This was like a breath of fresh of air to me....i am rejuvenated! Thanks a ton! :) :) :)

  2. Maswal you're most welcome! Cheers! :-D


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