Tuesday, 8 September 2015

So Far

I feel I am all alone in the two worlds.  Taking a step forward I see lightening as 'the fast' meets 'the slow'. I am not injured; I can endure the lightening but not the confusion.

A beautiful path lights up as far as the mind can reach. Back and forth between a one-way; crashing becomes a certainty. Quietly, I sit alive in the present.

I am understandably forgetful. Myriad revelations slip away like a childhood memory, leaving behind a warm aftertaste. The warmth turns into a glow and the rest I forget.

Infinity captured in a cage seeps away slowly. It is destined to do so. The two worlds are pulsating with this thought and I, in both.

But there is only one reality in me. The cube burns into a cylinder and the cylinder burns into a sphere. The shapes finally unite and the two worlds are annihilated.

Two Worlds

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