Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Duma Xan

Xan’s life changed forever. He didn’t change his path; he walked on the path he was meant to be. Everything revealed slowly and transformed him and made him aware. Xan cared for Duma, loved Duma to an extent that he started understanding him completely.

Without realizing it and in fact, accepting it only at the last moment, he always knew that Duma deserves to live a free life. The laughs, the games, the tears, the silent talks were soon going to be nothing, but shared moments stored in an old box, kept somewhere in the past. All Xan knew was that he could open that box anytime and relive those memories – memories of his late father and his lovely friend, Duma.

Xan often thought about Duma and the time they said goodbye to each other. At first he was skeptical, he thought Duma might be upset with him for leaving, but then, at the very moment, he realised that he was simply being stupid. He closed his eyes and saw Duma’s eyes –big, beautiful and alive. Xan was hit by a gust of wind which slowly tried to calm him down and stayed with him until he smiled. He told himself, ‘Duma will be with his friends right now, going down to the riverside or maybe already there and relaxing under the shade.’

Duma is sitting on a tree branch, one of his friends is sitting nearby and the other one is strolling around the tree and the bushes, just like that. The sun rays are not falling on Duma, but his eyes are shinning nevertheless. He can see Xan.


  1. Short sweet goodbye story...and here goodbye means - "we'll meet again". :)

  2. Your comment has given it another dimension and I think it is a happy place. :-)


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