Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Thought

So that the brush strokes are fine, so that the rhythm is right, so that the planet follows its trajectory, so that the Universe meets the end, everything has to be done perfectly. Not the type of perfection that binds you, but the one which leads you to Nirvana. For perfection, concentration is a must.

One requires such a level of concentration that unites with the soul of the Universe. It then works wonders. What is otherwise the glory of the nature, the majesty of the mountains, the thunder in the sky? And the evolution?

Meditation is the key, the answer to everything. In a quiet mind, the peaceful colours of the Universe shine and bring along the eternal power. Just a touch of this energy makes the mind sublime and supreme, no matter if only for seconds, the experience is life changing.

If this isn’t love, than what is? Loving oneself purely and believing that we all are one. The golden thread is common, it is absolute, it is present.

I remember a fable (or was it a folk tale), about a fool, who once stated to see a bright light in everything, in everyone around him. The fool found the brightness overwhelming, he danced until he died. People didn’t bother much, after all, who believes a fool, though they later started worshiping the fool.

Death of the fool became the foundation of a belief. The fool was a juggler, a perfectionist in his art. 


  1. Who was this person being referred to as "fool"? I am eager to know. :)


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