Sunday, 9 March 2014

Definition Destroys

I am walking, I am sky walking. There are beautiful colours around me, pink mostly. Sometimes the softness in the atmosphere changes into wetness which after inhaling makes me happy and light. I am also holding an umbrella, it is black in colour. I open it and I am dragged backwards by the musical wind. I am laughing and loving the moment. With my flying umbrella, I spin and float here and there like a leaf. I always wanted to be a leaf, I am serene.

I read somewhere that ‘definition destroys’ and I think I believe in it. This is this and that is that has never worked for me, only feelings have. Defining simplifies things, yes it does, makes things understandable; then it also makes things complex and difficult to such an extent that gives rise to questions like why is there inequality everywhere and then people exclaim to a friend in a conversation ‘children still die in our country because of hunger’, adding later their concern about their Pussy who didn't drink milk that morning. To define is to confine; actually I don’t know but they rhyme perfectly. I just hate it, this definition thing, the most when dreams are analysed so as to reach a definition. Please, let’s keep dreams as a mystery for the mystery on our smiling face in the sleeping state continues.

Not Alone

You are not alone Know this and take the way home Not to the concrete walls Or to those fairy dolls For Time is playing an old ...