Friday, 14 February 2014

Are You Going To Scarborough Fair

Are you going to Scarborough Fair?

The melody flows like a stream of water breaking the dryness of the earth, silently and smoothly. Suddenly you are in the colourful and sweet world. And you listen for the first time to the rhythmic world and you realise that life is not heavy but it is light as feather. The feather dances.

Are you going to Scarborough Fair?

By now you are humming and hoeing and weeding. This is what you want to do in life, with lots of time to sit under a tree, half sleepy, looking at the clouds you smile. This is what you wish for, once you reach the Scarborough Fair.

Are you going to Scarborough Fair?
Parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme

Now you want to paint, you have seen so many colours that you want to feel it more. Red hands, orange hands, yellow hands, green hands, blue hands, indigo hands, violet hands – you have given birth to a rainbow.

Are you going to Scarborough Fair?

Remember that you have a vision of the future and a memory of the past, all you need is a smile in the present. While walking I realised that the Earth is walking and so is the cosmos, this jamming made me happy. The sweetness and the warmth and the lightness of this real and tangible feeling took me to the Scarborough Fair. All I can say now is that I am swaying with the wind and smiling brightly. There is a ribbon, long and beautiful and silky, it is also swaying with the wind and smiling brightly. You’ll find it when you go to the Scarborough Fair.

                                             Vincent Van Gogh's Field of Poppies

Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Sugar Diary

Day 1: I am very positive about maintaining a sugar diary. This way I can keep a check on my sugar intake. I have to reduce some kilos here. Today I ate- three chocolates, two muffins, one doughnut with chocolate syrup, one bar of chewy sugar candy and two packets of Oreo.
I am eating way too much of chocolaty things, I have to replace it with some fruits and juice etc. Yes! I can do that plus from tomorrow I’ll be going to the gym. All the best to me!

Day 2: Gym is a very tiring place and I didn't like it that much but I am thinking that I’ll carry on. Today I ate- four energy bars, two glasses of milk shake, three packets of Oreo and a piece of cake.
Yes I admit that I added chocolate syrup in everything and that I also ate chocolate flavoured corn flakes but I am willing to give myself space, I need time. I have read somewhere that it takes a lot of time to control the sugar addiction. At least I am trying. Being aware is the first and most important step.

Day 6: I am not counting the weekend days because I didn't follow the ‘routine’. It was Grandma’s birthday and we had a party. It was amazing…grandpa surprised everyone by making a cake himself…isn't that sweet.
And yes I am being liberal with myself. I’ll do better from tomorrow for sure.

Day 7: I am fasting today.
Today I ate- Milk and corn flakes, banana-almond shake and mango shake.

Day 9: It is not going good. I have never mentioned what I eat other than the sweet stuff and now when I see this diary I feel so bad that I eat so much other than the regular food.

Day 11: I’ll fast today because I am not going to the gym from last few days.

Day 13: I am not regular with this diary, maybe that’s why I am not able to follow the diet chart I made for myself. From today onwards I’ll make it compulsory to write in the sugar diary whether it is the weekend or someone’s birthday or whatever. And I’ll not mention anything else except the sweet food items because I have to control my weakness for sweets only. From tomorrow I’ll join the gym again, mom will be coming with me. I am positive!

Today I ate- three chocolates, two muffins, one doughnut with chocolate syrup, one bar of chewy sugar candy and two packets of Oreo.

But I’ll improve from tomorrow, I can feel it. It’s a promise!

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