Saturday, 11 January 2014


Jeff- Hey! I have written a song, please listen to me-
                   When the words are falling dead, it’s better to stay quiet
                   When the path is crowded, it’s better to wait
                   When the joke is bad, it’s obvious you’ll laugh
                   When the song is boring, it’s better to not to sing
                   So don’t sing, don’t sing, don’t sing, don’t sing
                   Why are you singing? Why? Why? Why?
                   Don’t sing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
                        And I say bye-bye!


Jeff- Hey! How was it? What do you think…I love it already? Matt? What do you say…hm?

Matt- I have the proof, the judge will have to believe me…I have the proof.

Jeff- Yes! Exactly! Rupert what you say?


Rupert- I am waiting for aliens.

Jeff- That’s true.

(Matt leaves)

Jeff- (Laughs) Wait I’ll come with you, I have written the next verse…wait Matt!

Rupert- (Stays still) We have better songs…trust me. (Looks blank) I am waiting!

Monday, 6 January 2014

Changing The Channel Isn't Enough!

I saw this advertisement on the television, a banking company…I don’t remember the stupid name…it showed a little girl collecting money from her grandparents and picking some from under the table and some crap. I mean, what crap is this? And then the idiot voice over sings ‘collect the coins and something shitty for the future’ bloody rascals. Are they mad or what? These bankers…do they have a soul or are they bloody devils. They are sucking the entire earth and shredding it into pieces and then using technology to change it into digits so that they can store it in their computers…so that they can stretch on a recliner and drink blood spending a damn holiday on an island, I say holy shit. Bloody holy shit! For heaven’s sake leave the children alone…let them live happily and let them be carefree you selfish fucking morons. More and more and more and more and more…damn you all, bloody leeches. You make the adults cry their heart out for surviving in the mess you have created and you trap them and you fool them…you have fooled us all…bloody imbeciles. And now you devils…you scoundrels want to get hold of the children…so that they can also start growing from the age of 5 and become lame like all of us and tune their minds, for like infinity, to remember the maddening idea of ‘more is good’. Bloody you god damn stupid rascals! Childhood is not for collecting money…life is not for collecting money…bloody hell…for which race do these idiots want all of us and our children to prepare for? Which race you sick idiots? A race which your smelly stinking mind has created? You fooled us in participating in it and now you are trying to drag the children also? How grandly foolish and fucking idiots you are! Bloody hungry morons you want everything…E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. You rascals you also come in everything…you forget to count yourself every time, right? Now who is a fool? Ha ha! 


What makes magic? That which eyes can’t see yet the mind is determined to follow. That which is thwarted by reason, that which is ...