Saturday, 7 June 2014

I can see mountains from the window, I’ll take this window along.

The mountains are so grand; I realised it that day when I climbed one. Seeing the green velvety zigzag stretch left me overwhelmed. A thought caught my attention and told me how beautiful and majestic the mountains are, how incredibly small I am, how peacefully colorful the surroundings are and how sublime the music played by the wind is. I saw the clouds and they saw me; I blushed quietly. With my feet in the wet green grass, I stood there enjoying the drizzle. I sat on a calm rock calmly and opened the notebook. I couldn’t write for some reason, so I started drawing the scene.

Have you ever felt the same? Like when you feel something you cannot describe in words or otherwise? When the smell of that old book takes you back in a different century? As if the leaf that fell near you was meant to fall there so as you could pick it up and feel it? And the glamorous city lights are talking to each other and the moon is talking to you? What about the smiley face drawn by a passing fellow on a dusty car that reminds you of the one you had drawn? Have you ever felt the empty, still mind?

The drawing that I made took the shape of yin and yang without my knowledge. Opposites complement each other. I sat near the window and thought about it; the sun passed by and the moon came with white light very quickly and in the shadow I saw light and immediately, I agreed. I again looked at that drawing, in gratitude but the drawing was no longer the same…there were dark green mountains and blue sky, white clouds and green grass and me, sitting on the calm rock calmly. I looked through the window.

I can see mountains from the window,
I’ll take this window along.

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