Monday, 12 May 2014

Hum Along

That feeling of sadness when you realise that you could have done something else, something better but you cannot because time has defeated you, leaving you alone with the mighty Fate. That moment when your heart is full of love and your mind full of confusion and you hesitate to take a step forward; sometimes you console yourself and sometimes you scold yourself…all you are left with is pain.

Pain is known to everyone who knows love, hope, desire and ego. Why don’t we get rid of this pain and live happily ever after? Maybe because we need pain…just to understand the importance of everything around us, to learn to value every little thing. Also because pain teaches us to move forward, it gives us only one choice which is to change with time. If seen in this light, pain helps us to realise our transient nature but not to lament over it, rather to cherish every second of it and to make the best of it; yes, this will mean to be ALIVE always but this is just how we should live, shouldn't we? Why to be in grief when neither the reason for the grief nor you, the sufferer, will stay forever? What stays is the wish to live the life to the fullest.

I am walking on a mysterious road…what passes me enters me and then it vanishes, leaving the feelings in me, giving me pain and hope...I walk ahead in the search of love…I cannot see the path, just one step after the other…it is thrilling…the silky air around me is what I can feel and the music of the cosmos that whispers in my ears, telling me to hum along.

So be it! Hamm…. 

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