Sunday, 2 February 2014

Sky Blue Sky

Sky blue sky
Asks me why
There is no time
To live the time
Which is mine?

Sky blue sky
Tells me why
Smiles are better,
Far more better
Than promises on a letter

Sky blue sky
Shows me why
The painter paints
Alive, very happy and
In love he paints

Sky blue sky
Knows why
Two eyes
Look at the sky-
To take the blue spirit inside


  1. I certainly took some blue spirit inside..Nicee place..

  2. Nice..
    Wish the Blue sky could answer back too...
    Loved it.♥

  3. Nice place indeed! Cheers to the blue spirit!

  4. Grace thanks a lot...and I hope that you'll soon feel the answer.

  5. Are you a resident of Pune..Because you showed up as being part of Shimla- blogging troupe..That is how i got here actually..


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