Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Creepers Meet the Trees

I believe in the waves. Everything in the universe is in the form of waves. The connection never breaks. Reverberation happens. Don’t you feel it? It is amazing and most of the times beyond our understanding, that is why one feels frustrated. Like when something is in front of us and we know that it is and we can’t find it.

I saw something that caught my attention, I saw some creepers climbing high and meeting the branches of the trees. The light green coloured creepers united with the brown coloured branches and the contrast between these colours and the dark green coloured leaves looked so perfect, as if it was painted. I don’t know if the union was meant to be or not. It was just wonderful because I thought of the creepers slowly and slowly creeping on the big trees. First the trunk and then the branches and then making a green velvety blanket with the leaves, like a slow wave.

The clouds move beautifully you know. They dance. They don’t stay at one place. We should also learn it. I mean we should keep in mind the fact that nothing is permanent, everything shifts from being to non-being. The clouds allow the sun rays to pass through it, only sometimes the sun rays decide to stay back and be with the clouds. The clouds change in colour when they are about to rain. What a grand way to leave, to change into droplets and become a seed and come alive and then to meet the sun rays once again.

When a dancer performs and a singer sings and a musician plays and a painter paints and an architect builds, and a scientist thinks and a mother smiles - it is in a wave form. Like the velvety green wave we see in the forest, when the creepers meet the trees.

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