Friday, 8 November 2013

The Moon Is Singing White Light

Perhaps it is better to know the world after you know yourself completely. When the fog will disappear and the pain will die out, you’ll see what you’ll see. It will be real and true. You can float blissfully only after you have drowned, till the depth pushes you back and alive. It is not the misty wind or the world that shakes me but my ideas. Everyone is quiet outside but the moon is singing white light. Until I say ‘see you later’ to the world and tap my mind twice, my soul will stand separately on the hill.

I touched my shadow and folded it and I have hidden it in the pocket. Don’t panic. Though I am running but I am looking for something…I am looking for a silent room with green grass and a tree to sit under it. I’ll unfold things without judging then.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

And The Woods Said

Walking alone
I hear the footsteps

Dead silence
The wind isn't sure
Sharp cry
Enters my mind alone

Deep darkness
Engulfs some of me
Until only
I move ahead again
And see
Yellow flowers in-waiting
For me

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Be Happy Now

Festive season is here with lots of sweets and colourful lights. In fact, festive season never ends rather it goes on year after year, month after month, day after day. We even have a particular day of celebration for each individual i.e. the birth day. And in every culture, all over the world, we give ourselves various reasons to celebrate and enjoy. There is something very deep in our culture of celebrating because of which it has passed and survived from centuries. And it is nothing but the basic nature of all the human beings to be happy, to be joyous and reach the blissful state. All that we want in life is happiness; happiness for not oneself alone but for everyone. Happiness increases by sharing it with others and hence we all believe in making merry.

Leaving the point that we have made simple things complex aside, we should sometimes acknowledge the good ideas and then spread them. We all are meant to be happy forever and meet the Sublime Bliss. There is no need to grind your soul for attaining happiness because it is your very nature to be happy, it is in you, it is you. And this festive season, do it for yourself, be happy now. You need nothing from the outside world, just smile and feel the happiness.

Night Jasmine

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