Thursday, 12 September 2013

The World of Candyfloss

Yes, it was the world of candyfloss. Pink softness everywhere. The sky was pink and you could touch and have a part of it. The cottony air filled your mind, making you smile. The pink trees and the pink flowers and everything else were so sweet that one had to smile. In pleasure I lurched and took myself in some direction. The path was quite visible because it wasn't pink. Yes, the path wasn't made of candyfloss. So I walked and walked for some more time. I couldn't think of anything, maybe it was the sweet air. Then I saw a beautiful lamp post, it was long and then it curled, like some flowers which curl down towards the stem. Right? But the lamp post was also not made of candyfloss. Don’t know why. The path curved in left and then right direction. I would have kept walking but then I reached a circle and felt tired. Happily there was a bench nearby and I reached for it. The bench was cold and solid and oh it wasn't pink and candy-flossy too. Strange for me too. In few minutes I lied down on the bench. There was no one next to me that’s why. The pink sky was full of fluffy pink clouds. It was so pretty. I took a bite first and then ate leisurely, playing with the sugary cloud. A long time passed and then weird things occurred. The clouds turned black and started to rain and make angry sounds. In zero time I was soaked from top to bottom. And then it happened. I rubbed my eyes like everyone does, with my hand (right or left I don’t remember) but not for long and what I saw afterward was not the world of candyfloss. The pink, light, cotton world had just gone. I don’t know where! A bicycle rudely passed me at that moment. Of course, a person was on it. I took a lift from him. All my way to some place I kept thinking about the world of candyfloss. I still do, especially when I eat candyfloss. And also when I lie down, not to sleep but just like that. The world of candyfloss! In this world I think two things are like candyfloss, one candyfloss and second is the time. I mean literally. Yes!

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