Monday, 29 July 2013


When hard work paints your shirt with sweat, it is the highest form of painting. It becomes a proof that you have acted. You are then completely in the present. You are then truly living with the pace of the universe.

Nathu didn't know all this. He was like any other rickshaw-wala. His daily job was to earn for the day; not for the future or for investing in something but for the present day. Nathu lived each day as a new day though his routine stayed the same. How lucky! His past sometimes brought his village memories to him and his future made him wonder but nevertheless he was the man who lived in the now.

It is very difficult to be in the moment that is revealing itself to us. We rarely do so. Caught up in some bygone drama or future trick we forget the precious present.

Nathu is not different from anyone, he is just better.

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