Friday, 12 July 2013


The place where the embodiment of peace, Gautam Buddh, found enlightenment was recently shaken by bomb blasts. The holy Bodh Gaya shrine became the target of those who believe in destruction. The government has started the probe and they are confident of finding the culprits. Meanwhile, the Buddhists are back to chanting and praying, back with the Lord himself.

Such blasts can’t stop what Gautam Buddh started. He commenced an inward journey; a journey to find oneself, to realise the inner self and hence inner peace. What the confused and angry minds can’t understand (and may never understand until they end their confusion and calm down) is that what Buddh taught and left behind is not stored in a shrine or in a scripture or in any physical form. What he left is eternal and is universal. It is in nature and it is nature. It can only be felt and realised and not be touched with bare hands. It is everywhere and in everyone waiting to get recognised.

The ones who stubbornly want to fight don’t know that Buddh is in them too. Buddh is in all of us; when we act purely, correctly and truly the Buddhahood shines in us too. How can something so powerful be destroyed? How can something so true be crossed? We mere mortals can never do so; our futile attempts will only look ridiculous.

You need not worry about any evil in this world; all you need is to reach the state of Buddhahood, to let it shine in you. Radiating light everywhere you’ll then fulfil the purpose of being you.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Circle

We need to listen. We need to understand.

Calm yourself, close your eyes. Meditate. A vibration hits you. A circle is formed and your closed eyes can see it; luminous circle at the centre, full of life. Don’t allow your mind to trick you and take you on a sensuous ride. Be wholly in that centre. Feel it. Realise it and you’ll come to know the vastness of the universe, the music that the silence plays and the serenity present in every colour. This experience will make you sublime. You’ll then have a bit of universe, a bit of silent music and a bit of every colour in you.

At peace you’ll make peace.

Monday, 8 July 2013

On A Foggy Day

Walking in the whiteness with silence around me, I kept searching. The moment stayed for few minutes as I moved forward. Caught in the fog I felt happy and I knew I wasn't alone. The wet freshness flying everywhere made me alive. With every step I came close to nothing. The road was dark grey and blackish; it was also wet. The grass that was visible was blooming and beaming, full of life. I turned back once, just to check. There was only nothing.

Rejoicing and smiling I walked steadily. I was dizzy. I don’t remember the reason for my happiness now. Probably there was magic in the air. In this joy, confusingly, I was looking for something. Maybe that’s why I didn't stay there for long and I kept walking ahead.

In a minute or so, I was able to see the surroundings; trees, cars, buildings, lamp posts, shops, people and me. The moment of joy passed so quickly that I felt I didn't enjoy it properly. No one teaches us how to relish things, to realise the moment. I thought I could have done better. But no I told myself, such things can’t be taught, feelings can’t be caught.

Night Jasmine

Night Jasmine or Parijat Six petals in sync With orange centre as link Adorned with white peace Singing with the trees Fr...