Thursday, 20 June 2013

Love or Flu?

Like a flower with dew drops
The colour of the evening sky
Enchanting aroma in the coffee shops
And that song by Gabrielle Pie
This is how I remember you
Because dear darling I love you
Aachoo! Silly doctors call it flu

I was eager and almost ready
‘Going without Umbrella?’ enquired the landlady
I smiled and sauntered without care
As love was in the air
Smile disappeared instead the clouds appeared
Evil above me slowly surely leered
I didn't return only for you
Because dear darling I love you
Aachoo! But doctors call it flu

My letter will reveal my pain
I know you know my tragedy
But why, why did it rain?
Sweet love please accept my apology
I would have come in pain
If rushing was a good strategy
Very soon I will meet you
Doctor agrees with this plan too
First medicines and then only you
Aachoo! My Love this is flu!

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