Sunday, 24 November 2013

I See You

Where do I start I don’t know. There are so many memories and each time I think of any particular one, new multitudes of her personality overwhelms me. Though, I am sure about one thing and it is about the end. I am sure that there is no end, there never was and never will be. Yes, she is not physically present here but I know she is everywhere. Silky!

My pet dog, my sister, my teacher, my baby, my Silky left me last year on this day, this month. In this entire year when she wasn't here, she was with me the most. I met her in my dreams and I cuddled her and kissed her. She is so lovely and she is very happy. My mind allows my brain to make me cry but my heart laughs and tells me that she is right with me. And then I laugh again.

And my laugh tells me Silky that you are with me in me. Because that is you, spreading joy and love, that is you. And I thank you.

Words can certainly not express my feelings but can surely mirror some. What are you? More than magic can define and less than facts will agree. You taught me what the power of patience can do. And it has done great things, silently. Your selfless love for everyone makes me wonder. Who are you? A pair of excited eyes and one fluffy tail. Your wisdom confirmed it to me and my brother that you are a secret agent and that all the animals in the world are quietly working for peace. How can you? Meditating day and night and each time glowing with intelligence. You had to hide from us but you wanted us to know and you did tell us but after you left. Very smart!

The answer is very simple. This is what you told us.

One part of me says that you left us too soon and one part of me meets you every now and then. Which one is right? You told me that there is no wrong answer. You told me that there is one truth. You told me that blissfulness will prevail. You told me that I’ll smile. I did smile. You were right. You are right. You are here, now and forever.

Please meet me when the time comes. Love you Silky! 



  1. you hv touched me with the simplicity of words but yet the emotion you brought with it...

  2. That's what happens when I talk about Silky...or when I speak my heart out...well it is the same so....
    Thanks Grace! Means a lot and you know it.

  3. Heartwarming...well done!


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