Monday, 2 September 2013

Draw The Mind

With a pen in your hand and a paper in front of you, draw, draw with your eyes closed. You’ll see a lot of things but there’ll be something you’ll see and feel at the same time. Draw it out. Be free. Don’t restrict yourself by worrying about the outcome. Move your hand to picture what your mind shows you- a line, a circle, a wave, a square, a tree, a lightening, the universe.

You’ll know when to stop; you’ll know when to open your eyes.

Smiling? The picture might be funny or absurd or both, nevertheless, it is your own mind. Don’t raise any questions but do think. You’ll get to know something about yourself for sure. Something like that you might not be a good painter but your inner self is. And that the sun might rise and the moon may fall, the truth will be with your soul.

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