Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Palm Tree

Johnny was sitting under a palm tree. That palm tree was swaying with the wind. From top to bottom it was swaying. It looked full of life. The green spiky leaves appeared to be like a chandelier. Johnny thought that the tree invited him to sit by it and so he agreed. He took a stick in his hand and started drawing something on the sand. Sun rays came through the spiky leaves and touched his drawing hand. He didn't stop. He scribbled something then rubbed it. In few seconds his mind took him somewhere else but he still kept drawing. A soothing sound and the swaying palm tree brought him back. Johnny looked around, there was no one but the palm tree and the sand. Finally he got up and sauntered away. He took nothing but a thought with him and left nothing behind.

The palm tree swayed beautifully.


  1. it is your ideas behind any short story,article or anything else which take me or anyone else to the dreamland of joy real life ...........i just want say that i want to sit under this tree.......and feel the same

  2. You can feel so anytime...visualize and realize and enjoy.


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