Monday, 8 July 2013

On A Foggy Day

Walking in the whiteness with silence around me, I kept searching. The moment stayed for few minutes as I moved forward. Caught in the fog I felt happy and I knew I wasn't alone. The wet freshness flying everywhere made me alive. With every step I came close to nothing. The road was dark grey and blackish; it was also wet. The grass that was visible was blooming and beaming, full of life. I turned back once, just to check. There was only nothing.

Rejoicing and smiling I walked steadily. I was dizzy. I don’t remember the reason for my happiness now. Probably there was magic in the air. In this joy, confusingly, I was looking for something. Maybe that’s why I didn't stay there for long and I kept walking ahead.

In a minute or so, I was able to see the surroundings; trees, cars, buildings, lamp posts, shops, people and me. The moment of joy passed so quickly that I felt I didn't enjoy it properly. No one teaches us how to relish things, to realise the moment. I thought I could have done better. But no I told myself, such things can’t be taught, feelings can’t be caught.


  1. God is love!

    Catholic blogwalking

  2. And everything, including us.


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