Friday, 3 May 2013

Faded Yellow

I saw a beautiful little flower on the road. The wind must have brought it on my way. It was crushed by someone and was faded yellow. Extremely beautiful and what a smile. Saying hello to me it beamed. I couldn't resist my curiosity and straightaway asked it about its amazing colour…the depth of the faded colour had seeped in me. I somehow was feeling the faded colour, I was in the colour. Smiling again it said, ‘because of your eyes’. I didn't understand the reply but I also smiled. I was influenced, captured and enlivened by the faded colour of the yellow flower.

Smooth, dull, faded magic touched my heart. Its lightness entered me. I was with kindness, love and serenity. The encounter was of a split second but the little crushed faded yellow flower left me beautified…forever.

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