Monday, 30 December 2013

They Leave

Zack: How you doing, man?
Zen: Fine….

A pause.

Zen: How about you?
Zack: How about me what?
Zen: Oh! I mean what’s up?
Zack: What’s up? You know what’s up, man…I am terrible.
Zen: I know that…was just doing what we are supposed to do when we meet…you know we ask people about how they have been and stuff.
Zack: Oh! Like that…I am doing fine man. Thanks for asking.
Zen: Yeah!


Zen: You know Sigmund Freud?
Zack: Who?
Zen: Deaf!
Zack: Is he?
Zen: Not he, you are.
Zack: Why! I am not Sigmund Freud. You were talking about some guy named Sigmund Freud and now you call me Sigmund Freud.
Zen: Zack shut up!
Zack: Why?

Awkward silence for few seconds.

Zen: This guy Sigmund Freud was a great psychoanalyst. Great one!
Zack: A scientist! Then why were you calling me…I mean when you know who Sigmund Freud is….
Zen: Oh! Cut it out!

They stare at each other.

Zen: He knew a lot about human mind and all…did a lot…changed the world you know.
Zack: Oh! How? What did he invent?
Zen: He was a psychoanalyst…he researched about humans…the way we think…and…you know all that.
Zack: Oh! I thought he invented something…was a scientist after all.
Zen: He analysed minds…how we all think…human psychology…don’t you get it.
Zack: What did he found out?
Zen: Eh! (Hesitates) I don’t know exactly but must be something important…I mean….
Zack: Something important…hmm…it changed the world right?
Zen: Yeah! I think so.
Zack: Aren’t you sure?
Zen: Eh!

Silence. Then the waiter comes with the bill. The waiter leaves.

Zack: Hmm…. Saw the match last night…wasn’t it mind boggling.
Zen: Yes! And no.
Zack: Yes and no?
Zen: I am not sure if the world changed and all…saying no for that.
Zack: Okay!

They get out of the café. They nod at each and leave. 

Thursday, 26 December 2013

All You Need To Know

There is something beautiful everywhere. No matter if we are on a picturesque island for a vacation or we are in our car on our way to the office or if we are taking our evening walk. If we stop for a minute or so, we’ll definitely find something that we would like to take with us. Even if we have been walking through the same way for many years, still there is beauty everywhere. And if we find it boring and dull, it might be a mood swing rather than the place around us. It is beautiful, the world is, only if we stop for a second and look around.

Friday, 20 December 2013


The door closed and I didn't notice
Stepping ahead on the stone pathway
I walked and felt the sun rays
When I opened my eyes
Green leaves canopied above
Blue sky peeped through the criss-cross
Mossy ground with musical wetness
Happiness happiness happiness
There in the heart of the forest
Sun rays spread strongly on a spot
I went near and then I saw
The preparation for a little plant to grow 

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Enshrined in Double Retirement

I was sitting in my room in a dim mood and light. I didn’t see outside because I was too lost to think anything else. What was happening with me and why was it happening, sadly I had some idea about it, though I was dwelling on the part which was out of my control. I was feeling cold but I didn’t move. And in some time I felt warm tears on my face. I didn’t rub my face and soon I felt the chill. More than the failure it was me who made the darkness pitch black. I somehow just wanted to be in that dark tunnel. My room soon transformed into one and I felt cold. I accepted the defeat, I was surrounded by defeat. It was doubled by me.

Later I realised something warm and bright. I realised that because I accepted the defeat, it ultimately passed through me. I, at that moment, worked my way back out of the tunnel.

(The title is taken from Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre {only the title})

Friday, 6 December 2013

For You

Yes, this is for you. Today is for you. Make your dream come true. Work hard and trust the present. Amaze yourself, for it is your day, it is today.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

In The Wonderland

“One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a Cheshire cat in a tree.
 'Which road do I take?' she asked.
'Where do you want to go?' was his response.
'I don't know,' Alice answered.
'Then', said the cat, 'it doesn't matter.”
― Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

How true! Nothing matters at all until you know where you want to go. Sometimes we don’t think and we reach nowhere, as that is what we thought of. Then it also happens that we think we know where we want to go but we find ourselves cheated and so we stop. There are also few among us who don’t stop and finally reach an end. Mostly, the circumstances around us influence our decisions and we find that we have become a part of a huge structure.

This happens a lot.

Well, the best thing to do is to know where to go, uninfluenced by anyone; in knowing one’s own way and steadily going ahead along it; and smiling on the way as it is your way.

Knowing oneself isn't easy but is ultimate.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

I See You

Where do I start I don’t know. There are so many memories and each time I think of any particular one, new multitudes of her personality overwhelms me. Though, I am sure about one thing and it is about the end. I am sure that there is no end, there never was and never will be. Yes, she is not physically present here but I know she is everywhere. Silky!

My pet dog, my sister, my teacher, my baby, my Silky left me last year on this day, this month. In this entire year when she wasn't here, she was with me the most. I met her in my dreams and I cuddled her and kissed her. She is so lovely and she is very happy. My mind allows my brain to make me cry but my heart laughs and tells me that she is right with me. And then I laugh again.

And my laugh tells me Silky that you are with me in me. Because that is you, spreading joy and love, that is you. And I thank you.

Words can certainly not express my feelings but can surely mirror some. What are you? More than magic can define and less than facts will agree. You taught me what the power of patience can do. And it has done great things, silently. Your selfless love for everyone makes me wonder. Who are you? A pair of excited eyes and one fluffy tail. Your wisdom confirmed it to me and my brother that you are a secret agent and that all the animals in the world are quietly working for peace. How can you? Meditating day and night and each time glowing with intelligence. You had to hide from us but you wanted us to know and you did tell us but after you left. Very smart!

The answer is very simple. This is what you told us.

One part of me says that you left us too soon and one part of me meets you every now and then. Which one is right? You told me that there is no wrong answer. You told me that there is one truth. You told me that blissfulness will prevail. You told me that I’ll smile. I did smile. You were right. You are right. You are here, now and forever.

Please meet me when the time comes. Love you Silky! 


Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Rain! Rain!

Though I know it is not raining
I hope it did; I am carrying
Colours of life that I wish I could
Mix in me, and then surely I would
Live. Often do people say
‘It was raining on that evil day’
I hope they won’t, because they don’t
Understand rain. They don’t feel rain.

Rainfall is the dancing of clouds and
The song of the Nature. The land
Becomes alive and happy; ‘I’ becomes
‘We’, playing with the paper boats
And all the musicians taking notes
Rain rain, rain-rain.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Dream And Reality

She was sitting and doing nothing. The usual was happening. She wasn't working and her mind wasn't stopping. Oh! All the noise around her irked her. Still she kept still. In her mind a slide show was going on time and again. Images after images; her friends, her family, her dog, the food she loved and her favourite white dress that was still in the shop and the green lawn. She didn't stop the slide show, maybe there was a switch to it or maybe not. This happened with her a lot and so she didn't bother about it anymore. Her mind got overpowered by an image at that moment and she observed it. The image was of a pond with green water and many dry leaves floating in it. Green colour was prominent; green trees, green sky, green earth and green water. Finally, she was with her mind. She touched the green water and saw the ripples with love in her eyes. When the ripples disappeared she saw her face in the green water. Without wasting much of the time she immersed herself in the water. It was soothing. She saw a sea of pink flowers and tried to get hold of one. In less than a second she was in that sea of pink flowers. She wasn't swimming but the pink flowers were taking her along. She accepted them. What seemed like infinity to her passed and she saw a white light coming through the pink flowers. The sea of pink flowers started disappearing while she stared at the white light. She had to swim herself now. She was slow as the white light faded away and she couldn't reach it. She was swimming on the same spot in an ocean of black space. She felt as if she was dangling there when suddenly a strong thud woke her up.

Same seat, same table and some more files welcomed her back. She looked around and saw that no one noticed her. Life was the same.

Monday, 11 November 2013

Sing and Smile

Sing and smile my friend. You can even dance. Dance! Celebrate the existence every day.
Cheers to you and this wonderful life.

Friday, 8 November 2013

The Moon Is Singing White Light

Perhaps it is better to know the world after you know yourself completely. When the fog will disappear and the pain will die out, you’ll see what you’ll see. It will be real and true. You can float blissfully only after you have drowned, till the depth pushes you back and alive. It is not the misty wind or the world that shakes me but my ideas. Everyone is quiet outside but the moon is singing white light. Until I say ‘see you later’ to the world and tap my mind twice, my soul will stand separately on the hill.

I touched my shadow and folded it and I have hidden it in the pocket. Don’t panic. Though I am running but I am looking for something…I am looking for a silent room with green grass and a tree to sit under it. I’ll unfold things without judging then.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

And The Woods Said

Walking alone
I hear the footsteps

Dead silence
The wind isn't sure
Sharp cry
Enters my mind alone

Deep darkness
Engulfs some of me
Until only
I move ahead again
And see
Yellow flowers in-waiting
For me

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Be Happy Now

Festive season is here with lots of sweets and colourful lights. In fact, festive season never ends rather it goes on year after year, month after month, day after day. We even have a particular day of celebration for each individual i.e. the birth day. And in every culture, all over the world, we give ourselves various reasons to celebrate and enjoy. There is something very deep in our culture of celebrating because of which it has passed and survived from centuries. And it is nothing but the basic nature of all the human beings to be happy, to be joyous and reach the blissful state. All that we want in life is happiness; happiness for not oneself alone but for everyone. Happiness increases by sharing it with others and hence we all believe in making merry.

Leaving the point that we have made simple things complex aside, we should sometimes acknowledge the good ideas and then spread them. We all are meant to be happy forever and meet the Sublime Bliss. There is no need to grind your soul for attaining happiness because it is your very nature to be happy, it is in you, it is you. And this festive season, do it for yourself, be happy now. You need nothing from the outside world, just smile and feel the happiness.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

What We Think, We Become.

A small window doesn't matter if the view is good. A small window doesn't matter if you are at home. A small window doesn't matter if you keep smiling. A small window doesn't matter if you dream big. A small window doesn't matter if you are alive. A small window doesn't matter to tell you the truth. A small window doesn't matter if your life matters more.

Through the open window I choose to see the brightness and follow it.

Sunday, 27 October 2013

The Orange Way!

Pedalling the cycle in a rhythmic motion Auntyji moved ahead, towards a destination unknown to me. I saw her through the bus window and I don’t remember her face. She was wearing a dull purple sari; now was the sari actually light in colour or was it the hand-washing that the sari went through for infinite times that made it dull, I have no idea about it. Her complexion was rough. Her hands and arms and her neck looked very rough; and rough not because her skin was bad or something but rough in a sense that reflected how hard she had worked from ages and how hard she’ll work for ages. The skin was rough and dry because the sun rays befriended it; the sun rays and the burnt skin smiled together whenever they met.

She was also wearing a chain. She was married. She was bulky but not because she was lethargic or something. It was the birth of her three or four children that left her on the heavy side and the fact that she rarely had any time for herself. However, she took two minutes in the morning to dress herself, apply powder and bindi and comb her hair, she enjoyed these two minutes day after day. I didn't know where she was going to or coming from, what was in her mind, communism, liberalism or food, what was her religion, Christianity, Hinduism or food, what was her educational qualification, a doctor, a teacher or a food gatherer, what did she knew about the world, global warming, the war/peace game or the wastage of food supply, and that whether being a human being was she even aware of her life’s higher purpose, following a godly Saint or a reasonable atheist, following a complex God or a simple composite Holy Text?

I am not sure about anything and nor am I interested to be. Because she was cycling in rhythm and I connected with her as did the wind. She was nothing extraordinary and almost obscurely invisible. She camouflaged with the out-of-city-region-before-entering-the-proper-country-area perfectly. Yet she was the most alive person there- the Skylark of the sky and the Albatross of the ocean. She was the solution to the puzzle; she was the answer to the riddle. Amusingly, she carried the answer and the solution in her bun- the lively, fresh orange flowers.

There were two or three orange flowers, beautifully and neatly pinned to the bun that even the speed breakers were not able to disturb at all. The orange flowers- what was the type I don’t remember-were fresh and sweetly orange in colour. The orange flowers hummed a soothing tune. Oh! It was melodious, it was magical, I can’t explain in words…it was a feeling. And after all I had just seen a glimpse of Auntyji. I was in the bus and we passed her and many other cycle riders. Everyone moving towards an end, busy garnering their life without realising it.

She possibly was ignorant, out-dated and wronged still she had found a way that was orange in colour and alive and quiet and true.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

Missed It Today?

Sun: Catch me if you can.

Clouds: Here we come.

Sun: It was fun...we'll play again tomorrow.
 [Seriously, did you miss watching their game today? No worries, remember to observe them tomorrow. And these players are painters too…you’ll fall in love with them…just take a moment to see the spectacle that reveals itself every day.]

Thursday, 17 October 2013


If we believe that life reflects what is in our mind, let us all think of sunshine. We should then imagine a colourful picture. Red-red flowers, blue-blue sky and calm green grass and happy air all around us, with touch of music in it. We can all be dancers, dancing nonstop. Our body will be caught in action and rhythm and our soul in peace.

We can also think of meditating; every one of us on Earth meditating; sending sublime vibrations in the universe and connecting with this marvel. Our planet will then glow. We’ll be like the sun. A passing alien might confuse our planet for the Sun. Nevertheless, we’ll welcome others to join.

The best thing is, we all can think of holding hands, the whole humanity, a never-ending long chain. And then we’ll move round and round. We’ll sing and dance and move round and round.

Why don’t we think so? Why don’t we think? It’ll be fun if we think, I promise that it’ll be.

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Teddy Speaks

Kindly stop and have no fear
Worrying for a stolen teddy bear?
Aren't you scowling at nothing?
Too much of this and that
Will leave you with half of this and half of that

Teddy’s face haunts you with a smile
And you think you have covered a mile
The path you choose is a treadmill
What you achieve is a dry pill
It is a trivial cold of trivial things

Teddy wishes to say
Think and don’t stray
He feels this to be right
He understands it is better not to fight
Teddy knows but he won’t speak of it
While he enjoys life, you frown after it

Sunday, 6 October 2013


                                                   ‘To adore, or scorn an image, or protest,
                                                    May all be bad; doubt wisely; in strange way
                                                    To stand inquiring right is not to stray;
                                                    To sleep, or run wrong is.’      - Satire III
                                                                                                    by John Donne

When you talk to the flowers and feel dew drops on the leaves; when you look at the night sky and you immerse yourself in the never ending ocean of the stars; when the wind plays music using the wind chime and makes you happy- you unknowingly pray to the universe.

When you ponder over the truth; when you try hard and fail; when you cry and smile, together; when you know less facts and you feel more- you realise it later that you were on the right track all along.

But when you blindly follow, you fall badly; when you cheat your inner self, you are cheated by life; when you choose to be wrong, you end being wrong- all this because you fail to see the truth.

There is only one truth. There is only one path. You can deviate and make new ways but you’ll reach the only path that the only creator has made.

Monday, 30 September 2013

What a Fool Sees

A fool knows a fool's way and not of the world’s. He may be right, we may be wrong, we’ll know in the end. A fool knows that a smile costs nothing and so he smiles. We know that we have money and we can afford to smile. A fool wishes for nothing and gets it. We wish for a lot and we get some and then we wish for a lot more. A fool thinks while we doubt and because of this we doubt a fool and we think we think wisely. Thus, the fool laughs at us and us at him and our story ends here happily. 

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Lost And Found

She had decided to leave and her bag was packed. Sitting on her bed she was just getting herself together to face her decision. She took few deep breaths. Her mind told her that she was doing the right thing and she appreciated it. But then it contradicted immediately and said loud and clear to her, ‘the road is tough and you are not.’ More thoughts flooded her mind - it isn't what others normally do…who will take care of grandma…and a recurrent thought of failing. In fact her mind guaranteed that she would definitely fail, might get a bit lucky but failure was there for her.

She got up and moved towards the window. She saw little kids playing outside, happily and ignorantly. Images of destruction, people crying for help and dead bodies lying everywhere shook her once again. The news channels always make it easy to remember the gross truth without presenting an actual practical answer, though options of ‘SMSing’ and donating are available.

She returned and said something to herself. Then she turned to see the mirror and said loudly, ‘I am doing the right thing…I can’t just sit and talk…I can’t…this is right…I know it.’ She took her bag and left her room. Her grandma knew about her plan and though she had asked her to abandon it, at that moment she warmly hugged her granddaughter and said, ‘I am proud of you…God be with you.’ She kissed her grandma and left the house in a spirit to be the change.

She reached the camp with difficulty. Bad weather and landslides made it almost impossible. All the people on the way kept telling her that she mustn't go. One man even scolded her and asked her if she was trying to be daring or cool or trying to prove something to her friends. He thought it was a joke for a young girl like her. She didn't reply him, she knew the man was hurt and had lost his family in the disaster. She kept quiet and walked ahead.

After almost three weeks of no information, her grandma received a letter.

I am trying hard to help, I am trying hard to not to cry but I’ll need your blessings. Don’t ask for mercy but strength. We are together in this Grandma.
When I return you’ll also have a younger granddaughter to welcome. Her name is Sheena. She is my baby sister.
Much love!

Saturday, 21 September 2013

You Think You Have Time?

“The trouble is, you think you have time”- a straightforwardly true quote. But listen don’t worry…just take a deep breath. And allow your mind to be empty. It is true that time is running but that doesn't mean you have to run with it. Instead you should stop and discover your inner self. Knowing who you actually are is a big question for which you should hurry; being aware of every breath that you take is important and for this you should be quick. Time is less as there is a whole universe to explore within and without. Our soul is something we don’t think about much and rarely do anything special for it, for it to flourish. So there is no time to waste in any trivial issue when inner peace is all you need. The solution to this trouble is to be extremely quick in settling your mind without spending the time elsewhere. Settled mind can make you sit calmly, a calm posture can make you concentrate, you can meditate and what comes next is great- the time stops for you.                                                

Monday, 16 September 2013

On The Way

Do you know the path or are you just following?
It must be clear and dear and more than 'nothing',
Going along the bends and lifts,
Soft and cruel; when you accept it
Change fits you and it hits you,
Questions arise and answers fall,
Struggling hard you stand tall
This makes you, you and the path yours.
And I see my path and I can’t see my path
Forgetting all I sometimes turn,
Turn again and lessons learnt
I walk on it, then I stop and gaze,
I say, ‘show me out of the maze’
Laughter, then a voice murmurs ‘Your path, your ways’.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

The World of Candyfloss

Yes, it was the world of candyfloss. Pink softness everywhere. The sky was pink and you could touch and have a part of it. The cottony air filled your mind, making you smile. The pink trees and the pink flowers and everything else were so sweet that one had to smile. In pleasure I lurched and took myself in some direction. The path was quite visible because it wasn't pink. Yes, the path wasn't made of candyfloss. So I walked and walked for some more time. I couldn't think of anything, maybe it was the sweet air. Then I saw a beautiful lamp post, it was long and then it curled, like some flowers which curl down towards the stem. Right? But the lamp post was also not made of candyfloss. Don’t know why. The path curved in left and then right direction. I would have kept walking but then I reached a circle and felt tired. Happily there was a bench nearby and I reached for it. The bench was cold and solid and oh it wasn't pink and candy-flossy too. Strange for me too. In few minutes I lied down on the bench. There was no one next to me that’s why. The pink sky was full of fluffy pink clouds. It was so pretty. I took a bite first and then ate leisurely, playing with the sugary cloud. A long time passed and then weird things occurred. The clouds turned black and started to rain and make angry sounds. In zero time I was soaked from top to bottom. And then it happened. I rubbed my eyes like everyone does, with my hand (right or left I don’t remember) but not for long and what I saw afterward was not the world of candyfloss. The pink, light, cotton world had just gone. I don’t know where! A bicycle rudely passed me at that moment. Of course, a person was on it. I took a lift from him. All my way to some place I kept thinking about the world of candyfloss. I still do, especially when I eat candyfloss. And also when I lie down, not to sleep but just like that. The world of candyfloss! In this world I think two things are like candyfloss, one candyfloss and second is the time. I mean literally. Yes!

Saturday, 7 September 2013

On Which Side Are You?

Running so fast
There is no time to fall
Trying to reach
A place, a destination for all
Kindly be quick
Hurry! Hurry! You can’t be late
Don’t you think!
Everyone is passing the same gate
Coins should click
And dry dotes should make noise
Wise witty trick
Panting and puffing recovering your poise
Celebrate the end
And then come again to mend

While those who are not participating
Are Living

Monday, 2 September 2013

Draw The Mind

With a pen in your hand and a paper in front of you, draw, draw with your eyes closed. You’ll see a lot of things but there’ll be something you’ll see and feel at the same time. Draw it out. Be free. Don’t restrict yourself by worrying about the outcome. Move your hand to picture what your mind shows you- a line, a circle, a wave, a square, a tree, a lightening, the universe.

You’ll know when to stop; you’ll know when to open your eyes.

Smiling? The picture might be funny or absurd or both, nevertheless, it is your own mind. Don’t raise any questions but do think. You’ll get to know something about yourself for sure. Something like that you might not be a good painter but your inner self is. And that the sun might rise and the moon may fall, the truth will be with your soul.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

In The Darkness Full Of Little Lights

In the darkness full of little lights there glowed a sphere. It was marvellous and so bright. Different colours danced in it; blue and white, green and brown, pink and orange and red, along with a subtle sublime shine. Calm and beautiful! The sphere was hypnotising by nature. You could stare for endless time without getting tired. Energy vibrated through the sphere. Everything seemed to be quiet and motionless though the sphere was alive.


What a terrifying site! Umpteenth arms that originated form the sphere were destroying the sphere. You couldn't see much; the blazing golden colour that covered half of the sphere split the eyes and reached for the soul. There was sound too. A deafening, screeching, horrifying sound. It vibrated madly. It looked as if some part of the sphere tried to be all of it.


The darkness silently engulfs. Always!

Saturday, 24 August 2013

No Cry

We are all looking the same
No! No! It’s not a game
Our hands pressing against the ears
Rosy, not rosy, cheeks with tears

Is it anger on our face?
There is no sense to trace
We are busy shouting all together
Not one to address the matter

“Hear me first” “Hear me first”
We all cry to be first
Hope someone will make a decision
To bring a change and listen

Thursday, 22 August 2013


Today I’ll try again. This is all I can do. Today I’ll endure more and I’ll take a step further. And while coming back I’ll buy….

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Palm Tree

Johnny was sitting under a palm tree. That palm tree was swaying with the wind. From top to bottom it was swaying. It looked full of life. The green spiky leaves appeared to be like a chandelier. Johnny thought that the tree invited him to sit by it and so he agreed. He took a stick in his hand and started drawing something on the sand. Sun rays came through the spiky leaves and touched his drawing hand. He didn't stop. He scribbled something then rubbed it. In few seconds his mind took him somewhere else but he still kept drawing. A soothing sound and the swaying palm tree brought him back. Johnny looked around, there was no one but the palm tree and the sand. Finally he got up and sauntered away. He took nothing but a thought with him and left nothing behind.

The palm tree swayed beautifully.

Friday, 16 August 2013

An Appeal

I make an appeal to all of you to be aware, to search for the truth and to realise it. I request you to know the purpose of your life, the reason that makes you ‘you’; to be knowledge thirsty so that you understand your place in the universe and the universe in you. To help others not with money but with heart; to be a better person. And especially to make your life larger than your fears of life.

I appeal that don’t participate in the blind race which makes you so busy that you forget to live. And busy in what? In earning money, building house, buying infinite things; a material world, a material life, a material you and a material death. What is the point of running a race that might leave you materially rich but spiritually hollow? That in the end if you ask for love you get a plastic hug?

First school, then college, then job, then marriage, then kids and then planning the same for the kids. All this with creativity…many holidays and many movies and many social activities and endless views about everything…a perfect planned life with an expected death. It is suffocating if you understand the monotonous method we have been following for living (with some exceptions of course).

I would like to share with you that in our one life we can either do all of the above things or we can rise to a higher self where life is full of happiness and death is blissful. So we can do a lot and die or we can feel the sublime and unite.

I appeal again to you that death is a reality, the greatest one. As soon as we grasp this idea our life changes into a beautiful journey till we meet our end. And hence, my request to you is not to burden your mind with any fear, with the concept of surviving and compromising because we all will meet the same end. The only difference will be that the one who knows himself and his life, will also know his death and the one who is too busy in something or the other will find death as an unfair shock. What a pity to end in such a muddled manner!

This appeal is to every human being irrespective of the man-made boundaries that has divided us so magnificently that we murder each other for guarding it. We get the dose of patriotism from childhood that by adulthood we become madly passionate about our country and foolishly ignorant about the Earth. It is nothing but a sad joke we are all part of.   

Lastly, I hope we all realise that it is not about right or wrong, good or bad, you or me…it is much bigger. I hope we realise that we all are one and we will again become one…just like we were one before the Big Bang.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

The Third Eye

The green is greener and the blue is deep, I can see, I can see the truth. I can feel the vibration of the universe. The time is still for me but I am watching it in action for all of you. The space is dark and quite, yet with glittering circles it looks like a marvel. The golden thread runs everywhere, I can see it now. I am glowing with its touch. I am the third eye.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Lost Message

Sitting on the bench under the tree, Bob was simply gazing. It wasn't a garden so to say, just a bit of shade and a place to rest; though quite attractive for some, like it was for Bob. He had kept his packet next to him and was looking very comfortable on that bench. His eyes were staring in one direction but his ears were catching all the noise he was surrounded by. In such a place where one could not think about concentrating on one element, Bob was surprised by his focused mind. He felt like a spectator who was looking at a live performance, not involved himself rather just witnessing it.

Even if he wanted he didn't see individual actions. What he saw was a mass flow. Everyone was dashing in one or the other direction; by foot or by a vehicle; some looking happy but mostly stressed. Strangely Bob questioned himself, ‘Where are they going?’ He was dumbstruck. He couldn't assess the reason for such a rush. Bob had a feeling that they all should stop and look upwards. It was getting dark but the sky was still reddish orange. Indeed, it was a pleasant sight. He had a strong urge to ask everyone to enjoy the rich colours, to capture the sky’s vastness and to wait for the first visible star; only to then relish the starry night.

Bob got up. He tried to shout at everyone present in the scene but his voice failed. After a few seconds he finally said, ‘Everyone look up at the sky.’ But it wasn't a shout, in fact his message was pitched below his normal level. A person, who was just passing him, stopped and started looking upwards. He asked Bob, ‘What is it?’ Bob was alarmed, he didn't expect any questions. Bob replied in a confused tone, ‘Just…just…have a look.’ Looking hard at the sky that person again enquired Bob, ‘But what is it?’ Bob was speechless. His mind was scattered once again. Lot of thoughts entered him and knocked his focus down. Bob managed to say, ‘It is beautiful…the sky…?’ That person left Bob with a cold look, munching some harsh words on his way.

Rubbing his face Bob asked himself, 'What was I trying to do?' He had no clue. He checked his watch, almost twenty minutes had passed. He took a deep sigh. A couple crossed him, they had the same bag as he had. Suddenly he looked at his bag, then his watch and took to feet immediately. Bob’s mind was shouting in bold letters, he could see it through his inner eye. It was repeating some words continuously- ‘THE BAG…YOU ARE LATE…BAG…LATE…BAG…SO DEAD.’

Bob walked so quickly that soon he merged with the crowd. With all those who didn't hear his message.

Monday, 29 July 2013


When hard work paints your shirt with sweat, it is the highest form of painting. It becomes a proof that you have acted. You are then completely in the present. You are then truly living with the pace of the universe.

Nathu didn't know all this. He was like any other rickshaw-wala. His daily job was to earn for the day; not for the future or for investing in something but for the present day. Nathu lived each day as a new day though his routine stayed the same. How lucky! His past sometimes brought his village memories to him and his future made him wonder but nevertheless he was the man who lived in the now.

It is very difficult to be in the moment that is revealing itself to us. We rarely do so. Caught up in some bygone drama or future trick we forget the precious present.

Nathu is not different from anyone, he is just better.

Saturday, 27 July 2013

The Report

Gita came from some other time and some other place. She was here to understand the reason behind what happened, why it happened and how it happened. Astonishingly, it didn't take her long to find the fault. She filed her report and returned back.

Place: Earth
Century: 21st
About: Earth and its Inhabitants

I observed people. I observed a lot. The answer came quickly to me- a mad, blind, cruel race. There is a rush here on Earth; an urgency to finish one thing and to start another. At the moment materialism rules here and the motto of majority of the people is ‘more is good’. More and more of everything, no matter what it costs and what the result might be. 90% of the most advanced and intelligent species (Homo sapiens sapiens) doesn't utilise their intellect and rather stay busy in following whatever should be followed. The other 5% remains occupied in taming the 90% through a monetary system and though they continuously rule the lives of the others they don’t like to show off or call themselves as Leaders, Monarchs, Kings etc., but prefer names like Bank Owners, The Elites, etc. They are probably of a shy nature. The last 5% of this species try to spread truth and equality but mostly meet a fatal end (especially if caught in the lime light).

The thing that I found silly, but which is actually very sad, is that this species has no respect for the very planet they live in i.e. the Earth. They are continuously ruining it, foolishly misusing it and most importantly they show no reverence towards the great planet. Almost all believe in a spiritual power or God (a name given to this spiritual power by them) but few believe in the magnificence of their planet. Strangely they have faith on the unobservable but not on the observable.

I visited many places on this planet and I was offended almost everywhere. I noticed that the most gifted and talented are the young ones of this species but sadly they are not given much importance. Slowly, the society shapes them according to their norms.

Earth is a beautiful planet ruled by the species Homo sapiens sapiens. This species is powerful but believes more in following blindly, in only dreaming, in talking, and more talking, and very less in doing or acting (in the true sense of the word). They try to search for the Spiritual One outside and they know very little about the inside. The evolution has stopped so far and degradation has started instead.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Maybe I Will

It was raining beautifully, sounding like a melodious song. I had to rub the windowpane to see outside; first a smiley face and then a big wipe. I could see the trees nearby and the wet track till the fog allowed me. I noticed that the grass was looking greener and happier; welcoming the rain by spreading everywhere and in every direction. The dominant colours outside were wet green, wet white and a subtle mass of wet darkness. Inside it was dim yellow but the darkness was same rather more polished than outside. I ignored it.

The rainwater was dripping through the leaves making them bend downwards. I thought of going outside to collect the dripping water in my palms…I like doing so. But maybe I’ll go when the rain stops or when it’s drizzling or then when I’ll go to open the gate. Maybe I’ll not go at all. It’s wet and slippery and I don’t want to get dirty.

It was raining heavily yesterday and day before yesterday also. I don’t keep record but it was raining. The days that have passed don’t look any different from today. I am the same me and so is the rain. Maybe I’ll change with the weather. Maybe I’ll be rewarded for waiting so long. Maybe I’ll not regret but accept. Maybe I’ll open the gate and step out.

Monday, 22 July 2013

Lost In La La La

La la la
I am dancing
La la la
I am laughing
La la la
Sky is clear
La la la
Life is near
La la la
Brightness in me
La la la
Lightness in me
La la la
All I see
La la la
Is the glee
La la la
I am Miss
La la la
I know bliss
La la la

[Tiara was singing this weird song. She was hopping in the garden. The flowers were looking at her and so were a white rabbit and a caterpillar. Lost in the present, Tiara was happy. There was no particular reason behind it. Everything was beautiful and pure. A blue bird was sitting on a tree near the garden. She had a message for Tiara. It was full of lustre. The blue bird thought it was time to deliver the message. Tiara, who was without a clue about it, was blushing with joy. A kind of 'joyfulness' that brings a huge smile on your face, that makes you peaceful, that stops your mind from thinking and time from running.
The blue bird landed on the lawn and Tiara took notice of her. Their eyes met. Tiara immediately knew what she was meant to know.
{The lustre will stay in her like a fragrance; all she needs is to remember.}]   

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

A Soul Nebula

The glowing dust took me away
Bluish green and reddish grey
Nearby star: a dot of light
Peeking through the dusty night

Where am I? Earth or sky?
Dancing with gravity, can’t fly!
Still I am floating very high
In a hazy colourful sky

A strong fluorescent light touches me
Immersed, I try to see
Emptiness fitting all around and silence
Assuring me the Grand Presence

Sitting cross legged and eyes closed
I float with a pink rose

Friday, 12 July 2013


The place where the embodiment of peace, Gautam Buddh, found enlightenment was recently shaken by bomb blasts. The holy Bodh Gaya shrine became the target of those who believe in destruction. The government has started the probe and they are confident of finding the culprits. Meanwhile, the Buddhists are back to chanting and praying, back with the Lord himself.

Such blasts can’t stop what Gautam Buddh started. He commenced an inward journey; a journey to find oneself, to realise the inner self and hence inner peace. What the confused and angry minds can’t understand (and may never understand until they end their confusion and calm down) is that what Buddh taught and left behind is not stored in a shrine or in a scripture or in any physical form. What he left is eternal and is universal. It is in nature and it is nature. It can only be felt and realised and not be touched with bare hands. It is everywhere and in everyone waiting to get recognised.

The ones who stubbornly want to fight don’t know that Buddh is in them too. Buddh is in all of us; when we act purely, correctly and truly the Buddhahood shines in us too. How can something so powerful be destroyed? How can something so true be crossed? We mere mortals can never do so; our futile attempts will only look ridiculous.

You need not worry about any evil in this world; all you need is to reach the state of Buddhahood, to let it shine in you. Radiating light everywhere you’ll then fulfil the purpose of being you.

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Circle

We need to listen. We need to understand.

Calm yourself, close your eyes. Meditate. A vibration hits you. A circle is formed and your closed eyes can see it; luminous circle at the centre, full of life. Don’t allow your mind to trick you and take you on a sensuous ride. Be wholly in that centre. Feel it. Realise it and you’ll come to know the vastness of the universe, the music that the silence plays and the serenity present in every colour. This experience will make you sublime. You’ll then have a bit of universe, a bit of silent music and a bit of every colour in you.

At peace you’ll make peace.

Monday, 8 July 2013

On A Foggy Day

Walking in the whiteness with silence around me, I kept searching. The moment stayed for few minutes as I moved forward. Caught in the fog I felt happy and I knew I wasn't alone. The wet freshness flying everywhere made me alive. With every step I came close to nothing. The road was dark grey and blackish; it was also wet. The grass that was visible was blooming and beaming, full of life. I turned back once, just to check. There was only nothing.

Rejoicing and smiling I walked steadily. I was dizzy. I don’t remember the reason for my happiness now. Probably there was magic in the air. In this joy, confusingly, I was looking for something. Maybe that’s why I didn't stay there for long and I kept walking ahead.

In a minute or so, I was able to see the surroundings; trees, cars, buildings, lamp posts, shops, people and me. The moment of joy passed so quickly that I felt I didn't enjoy it properly. No one teaches us how to relish things, to realise the moment. I thought I could have done better. But no I told myself, such things can’t be taught, feelings can’t be caught.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Better Way

Kavya was searching for a book to read, only to pass that foggy evening. She was in her grandma’s house for vacation. Nothing but memories was left of her grandparents. A faint picture entered her mind every time she thought of them- she is sitting in her grandpa’s lap and her grandma is reading a book, they are in the balcony, soon she falls asleep but nevertheless feels the warmth because of their presence.

She was young now and restless. An idea came to her, she imagined herself sitting the way her grandma was sitting and reading, she felt that if she copied it she would get some of the serenity that her grandma had on her face. Kavya could see wholeness and contentment in the eyes of her grandma; calmness on her face; as if she is telling everyone to have faith…to believe; all this through a portrait of her. Kavya knew that it wasn't the magic of the artist but her grandma’s as she trusted her memory and the single thought that was still clear in her mind.

Finally she picked a book and went outside in the balcony. Pulling a chair towards her she sat on it. She sighed…what for…she had no clue herself. Was it something in her life or was she simply missing her grandma? Maybe she sighed because we sometimes do, without knowing that we did.

There were two more pages to finish the first chapter, checked Kavya. She always did so. Kavya didn't count herself in the category of the fervent readers, but among those who read because others read, because books are there to read and because they know reading is a good habit. There is nothing wrong in being in this category; it is just that you lag in one or the other way.

Trying to sit in a comfortable position Kavya got up and dragged the chair but while doing so she dropped the book. The book was old and some pages peeped out as soon as it hit the floor. ‘Oh!’ said Kavya. They say what happens, happens for the good. While placing the pages properly she found a folded piece of paper. Curiosity made her eyes big. She opened it; her grandma’s handwriting spoke to her. The words were few. It said ‘Just smile…it is the better way’ and under it were the initials of her grandma.

How quickly can things change, how strangely can people change, how fast the light passes in the darkness, right? Kavya couldn't believe that she was suddenly full of happiness; spirited to do anything. She looked at the piece of paper once again and said, ‘Thank you grandma…thank you so much.’ She got up and left the balcony.

One thing is sure that Kavya didn't finish that book but then she had something else to finish. The old book is back in the shelf but the message is with Kavya, which will stay with her forever.


Friday, 28 June 2013

Big Words Are Going

Time is a big word
And a big cheater
It swears to stay
But never stops to say
Even a goodbye

Love is a big word
And a big cheater
Love is what is beautiful
Though not without pain
At its best when slain

Life is a big word
And a big cheater
Full of opposites
Charming by nature
It tricks a keen creature

Death is a big word
And a big cheater
Feared by the greatest
A truth that stands tall
Accepted in the end by all

The big words are going somewhere
With a small word ‘smile’ I stare

Monday, 24 June 2013


I blame myself for whatever is happening. For what we have made of the planet earth, for the cries that are both heard and not heard, for the tears that dry without an answer, for the ones who are hurt and the ones who fall. I blame myself for the natural disasters and the ones we humans gift ourselves. Through blaming myself I hope to do well, for myself and others; to be serious in a way that things don’t get serious and bad in future; to understand the responsibility of being a human-the most intelligent species so far.

I and my friend were talking about the natural calamity that hit Uttarakhand (North India); we ended in a spat. Not because she said that she was fed up with the zero reactions that came from the elite members of our society (though she is absolutely right to feel so) but because she ended with a dull expression- ‘Leave it.’ I pounded at her last comment and said that the ‘Leave it’ attitude was the reason behind all that was happening in the world.

Elite class is in minority and we how say ‘Leave it’ are in majority.  Individuals matter whether or not they hold a position in the society.

I believe that every single action (even of thinking) is responsible for something in the universe. Every little step of ours can change the look of what the universe will be in future. Yes, that big is the role we play, that is why it becomes our duty to develop our intellect so as to understand this role. It doesn't mean to be whatever one feels when the term duty is discussed but it means a joy ride. Joyous only if you can feel the universe, if you know the vastness of the universe and the tininess of yours in it; if you can recognise your essence in it. For this you don’t need the material richness, leave also the spiritual richness aside for some time, all you need is ‘you.’

Do you know yourself? Why don’t you talk to yourself? Why the hesitation? Talking to oneself is disturbing because then many things stand against you and your personality; things that compel you to change yourself and we all know that self-mastery is the most difficult to achieve. Will not the world change if every one of us is a little better than we are now?

I call this process of knowing myself joyous simply because I’ll then know myself truly.

And in blaming myself I am not creating a burden but rather I am giving myself an opportunity to do something more than complaining, no matter how small that action is. It counts!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Love or Flu?

Like a flower with dew drops
The colour of the evening sky
Enchanting aroma in the coffee shops
And that song by Gabrielle Pie
This is how I remember you
Because dear darling I love you
Aachoo! Silly doctors call it flu

I was eager and almost ready
‘Going without Umbrella?’ enquired the landlady
I smiled and sauntered without care
As love was in the air
Smile disappeared instead the clouds appeared
Evil above me slowly surely leered
I didn't return only for you
Because dear darling I love you
Aachoo! But doctors call it flu

My letter will reveal my pain
I know you know my tragedy
But why, why did it rain?
Sweet love please accept my apology
I would have come in pain
If rushing was a good strategy
Very soon I will meet you
Doctor agrees with this plan too
First medicines and then only you
Aachoo! My Love this is flu!

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Memory in My Pocket

I found a memory folded in a paper. I read it and it hit me. The memory was not meant to meet me. It was draped with words that were very loud. Terse and cold. It said ‘I am leaving you…forever’ with the initials Rosie.K. I wondered how the person for whom this memory was meant to be dealt with it. Naively I searched around for Rosie.K but the wind made my eyes wet instead. I read and re-read the memory as if it would reveal some more of it through magical words. Why does memories always make us halt, lying to us that we can play with time, even reverse it?

I folded the memory again and kept it in my jacket’s pocket.

It tickles me whenever it feels like making me unfold it every single time.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Common Puzzle

This happens every time without any exception. In my mind I am all set to study, I assure myself that today I’ll finish the topic I started few days back. No dragging the subject or dreaming about my success that will outshine others. Or thinking about friends and the golden time spent with them. With such a hope I sit and open my books. Soon the evil forces put their plan to action against me and the funny thing is that their plan is always the same; and then I shout, ‘Where is my pen?’

I don’t know how but I always misplace my pen and then I can’t find it. Behind the books, under the table, on the chair…where!!! I feel like Oompa Loompas are assigned this job to first hide the pen and then reveal it sitting in a most silly and obvious place. All this breaks my concentration and I again find myself incapable of completing my goal. Sometimes I keep my calm but mostly I foolishly complain.

My friend said that same happens with her, especially during the exam days. One thing or the other comes up to distract us- the sincere ones. And then we laugh on our brazenness. So anyways, this is a puzzle shared by all, I guess. What do you say?

Thursday, 6 June 2013


Roger: I love this coffee house. It’s the same as old days.

Perry: Yeah! But the coffee is different.

Roger: Things change Perry.

Perry: Yeah! Back then it was better. It was real coffee.

Both the friends didn't say a word for other four or five minutes. They were dreaming about the past.

Roger: Do you remember Carl? The old waiter who worked here? We owe him a lot.

Perry: Oh yeah! ‘Mr Beetle’ we use to call him. (Reflective) I wonder if it was his Beetle. He was a tolerant man I must say. I bet I owe him more than anyone from our group. Poor Carl!

Presently they were in his shoes. They were old.

Roger: What about Andy? I thought he was coming too…this get-together. He loves such ideas.

Perry: Yeah! His doctor didn't allow him to take a journey after the transplant. He thought he would sneak out but his wife…you know.

They shared a laugh and then again went silent. Suddenly there was a lot of noise and a group of boys entered the coffee house. They were cheering about their victory in a local football game. They shook hands with the coffee house owner, giving him details about their match. Such was the beauty of this small town. Everyone shared happiness and love. One of the young boys came and shook hands with both Roger and Perry, and told them, ‘we won 3-0!’

Both of them were simultaneously arrested in what was now their history. They couldn't help but think about the days when their life also was all about playing football.

Perry: Ah! Yeah! We know the feeling too!

Roger: The feeling! (Sigh)

Perry: We have played some good football Roger. Do you remember our 5-0 victory?

Roger: Come on Perry, the rival team played like a bunch of idiots.

Perry: Ha ha! Yeah! But you can’t take the credit away from us. We played well.

Roger: Sure! Sure! (More like a whisper) I can’t take anything away. It’s Time that takes away all.

Perry: Yeah!

They turned to notice the group of boys. They couldn't resist smiling. 

Tuesday, 4 June 2013


Where are the days going?
Slipping away like a thought
Fog on a hasty horse has got
The answer, but can’t be caught

A dawdler when we avoid
A spirit when we desire
The mire of glum fire
Suddenly sweet enough to admire

Special days are remembered
Blue days aren't forgotten
Memory relishes even in the rotten
Light laughs, tough tears are begotten

Dear days before you go
Three things I want you to know
My mind will recall and glow
I’ll be happy and low and happy and slow


The beach was audible to her in intervals. She walked bare feet on the sand and still didn’t smile. Rhea had muffled thoughts, a cluster ...