Friday, 6 April 2012

Fill the Magic Box

Fill the Magic Box

Topu wanted to become a camera. He was fascinated by how a camera can capture a flying fish and a swimming bird, the orange circle sun and the white circle moon, the confused colours running a race and a white building hiding in dark. It would be wonderful Topu thought to do such a thing. He would start from a chocolate factory, then a toy factory and then an ice-cream factory. Though he was not sure how things will work but he knew he would love to do so. Topu was smiling when he fell asleep in his father’s arm. He was told that camera was a magic box.

His father was in middle of an art exhibition. They left soon because Topu’s dad had a meeting early next morning and also because his mother was coming that night to take Topu to her place for a week. After the divorce it was this easy routine for Topu though he didn’t understand it like a simple math’s problem. It was confusing for him to have long dozes of motherly affection a week and fatherly the next week. He was just a five year old innocent boy who believed that camera was a magic box.

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