Wednesday, 15 February 2012

The Window is Open

I don't know where the path is leading,
Broken foot steps, lost the meaning.
I am not sad, so how can I cheer-up,
Half empty or full? I don't even have a cup.
Shouted calmness to me,
Something of nothing everywhere to see.
Work, work...don't just think,
Cry baby, doll hands still pink.

Numb and dull still very much vain,
After all we humans reign.
Conquer the war, do it, do,
Push and pull if you can, pass the zoo.
Hello dear, how are you??
Fake greetings all so true.

Shy shy me, I don't speak much,
Step on the quiet, world is such.
Move on, keep going,
Not living I know moaning.

I can see the sun rise but I choose night fall,
I hear the light, let me make a call.
Tall shadow, my mind reads,
Tear the earth and plant seeds.

1 comment:

  1. It seems I have jumped oceans after each stanza ;P



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