Saturday, 14 January 2012

The Leaf said Amen

A leaf once wished
                  to be green
                  to be yellow
                  to fly
                  to dry
                  to allow a spider to make web
                  to give a cocoon its bed
                  to fall on someone's head
                  to be crushed before it's dead
                  to feel the wind
                  to get collected and kept in a book
                  to know an artist and a poet
                  to inspire
                  to make a tree bend
                  to reach a road's end
                  to be a flowers friend
                  to touch the moon and sun
                  to call itself fun
It was a lucky leaf after all
died and got most of the above all      


  1. become a writer!!!!! please!!!

    1. Want to...planing to... means a lot :D

  2. u r awesum jagriti i must say only a true lover of nature can write dis.......nd dat's u loving life as alwaz........great keep it up :) :)

  3. Thanks!! You know me too happy and know a lot...lolzz!!!

  4. yup i knw u nd b scared :) lolzz :) :)


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