Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Happy to be just!

Is it right to be wrong at times or it is wrong to be wrong every time. When we know everything then why we crave for some things. Why do we feel bad when some one is negative about you…? Why don’t we remember to forgive others?
This is the heaven God created for us and asked us to relish the beauties….
I would love to live if I can remember it always…if I can value that I am not alone…God is in everything around me…if I can live happily and spread happiness…if I can know myself only to know the almighty, God, more. Happy to be just!


  1. it is right to be wrong sometimes. it is right to be right sometimes. it is right to be wrong a lot and it is right to be right a lot. it is right even to be wrong or right all the time. basically right and wrong doesn't matter because in the end it is right to just be.

  2. celebrating the being is all we have to do, which we rarely do.


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