Sunday, 10 September 2017

A Grey Building

In sickness I lay staring out from the window. All I could see was a few small trees and one big grey building. Shades of black, pataches of dirt and the peeled paint made it look more like a sketch of a building...

A sketch of an old building that has seen eras pass by. An era that changes almost nothing, but still does. Change that life awaits. Life that holds colours. Colours combine to form black, if it's light they combine to form white. Remember the prism experiment? Black and white...and grey. Grey characters say a lot. A grey building says a lot.

Saturday, 9 September 2017

These Red, Blue Jeeps Are The Same Or Are They Not?

The Red Jeep said to the Blue Jeep that it was late. What is the point of hurrying if you don’t know where you are going, replied the Blue Jeep.

Sure the circle is round and the track is wide, beautiful vistas stretched within and beyond me, prints are taken, but the journey is not free.

What is the price you ask? It is different for everybody. Though ultimately all agree to pay, and thus the journey begins.

But someone must know where I have reached. This guy in blue safety helmet might reveal.

Hey! Hey! Hey-hey! The man replied not, real the man was not, it was all plastic, just an image. It bounced off voices and that was enough for many. Still is.

The Red Jeep asked the Blue Jeep that if it followed the echoes or not. What is the point of following an echo when you can’t hear your own voice, replied the Blue Jeep.  

Picture Courtesy - Aditya Thakur  

Friday, 8 September 2017

टूटा हुआ चश्मा

टूटे हुए चश्मे की दास्ताँ 

शुरू होने से पहले ही खत्म हो गई 

अब और क्या कहूँ ?

Translation - 

Broken Spectacles

The tale of broken spectacles
Ended before it could even begin
Now what else can I say?

Wednesday, 6 September 2017

A Voice That Is Silenced Is Not Dead

You shot her and now hiding in your dingy room, scared in your dingy little heart, you fake a loud laugh. Pathetic! You, who have sold your soul in exchange for a new house, new car, new phone or possibly for a position, will suffer… and there won’t be an end to it.

But less about the hypnotised, dizzied and lost ones and more about the majority, observing and quiet ones… the ones who look, often address, but slowly learn to ignore. It must be due to some personal tragedies that they choose to stay silent. Sad, yes it is. But then such a lot forms the majority, yes they do. The majority if stands together will become a nightmare for the old selfish rich rulers.

The majority will definitely unite because there are great leaders who are already working for this, the great leaders who won’t ever fall, the great leaders who will always be heard by millions, even if their voices are silenced, their words will live forever... and so will they.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Coffee and Cigarettes

On screen the reality is often dramatized, over emphasised, sometimes under played and made loudly fictitious… it is also murdered and often what we see is already dead. To be alive and stay real is not easy; on screen it is tougher. Yet we come across something true all the time. Coffee and Cigarettes by Jim Jarmusch is one of such films that I find overwhelmingly true. So real and simple that it is difficult, like we all are. I am not talking about the technicalities or even about the film’s theme. I am just happy to feel whatever the film says… For me it is true and abstract and nonsense and completely real. Just like life is.

(P.S- Wrote it back in 2014 when I was at the film school.)

Sunday, 3 September 2017

In Slo-mo Towards the Moon

Walking towards the moon
In slo-mo and riding
Hiding behind a tide of thoughts
In slo-mo, unaware, unconcerned
About the change that is happening
In slo-mo, now and always
Carrying in bits the old me, turning
In slo-mo, hoping to see
Something better. Living the life
In slo-mo and looking into the future
Where things are picture-perfect, but moving
In slo-mo. Cracks in the present
For it isn’t that dear, until
In slo-mo I sit with patience and
Breathe, see, feel and realise
That everything is beautiful
That our mind knows the tricks
That reality simply is, just like the moon
Towards which I am walking
In slo-mo, beaming quietly. 

(Photo courtesy - Google) 

Saturday, 2 September 2017

Ellinikí Glóssa

A crumpled piece of paper, resting in an old library book, smoothed with time.

Intrigued by it, Bakul quickly rushed to a corner. She read the words loud and clear ‘Ellinikí Glóssa’. Unsure of what it means, she fabricated a story– it is a secret message meant for someone. Yes! Beaming like a sunflower beams on seeing the sun, Bakul crossed the corridor, then the stairs. Students saw her and thought, ‘ye to gayi firse’ (she has lost it again).

Bakul looked at you, yes you, the reader and said with dreamy eyes and a wide smile – Let us find out what the secret message is.

A turn and Bakul bumped into her teacher. “Sorry Sir”, “Bakul what’s in your hand, what are you up to this time?”, “Sir Rekha Ma’am is looking for you”, “Quiet Bakul, show me… eh... Ellinikí Glóssa… so now you’re interested in Greek language, hm?”, “Sirrrrr… this is in Greek?”, “Don't waste your time and submit your assignment by Monday, okay?”

Bakul nodded. Sir turned to leave, but stopped, “Where did you say Rekha Ma’am is… in the staff room?” “Ha-ha-ha”, “Bakul, wait, you silly girl.”

She looked again at you, yes you, the reader, and said with starry and mischievous eyes– Am I interested in Greek Language? She winked at you.

Well, sooner or later she will know the answer to this question.

“Peace out!”

A Grey Building

In sickness I lay staring out from the window. All I could see was a few small trees and one big grey building. Shades of black, pataches o...