Sunday, 18 March 2018

In This Moment

I am complete in this moment. Not in parts, the picture is clear now, the puzzle is solved. I breathe in quietness and the quietness decides to stay. Nothing binds me, I stay stationary, yet I flow in space. The cacophony dies smoothly and turns into a wave of delight. I hold this wave and throw it on the ground breaking it into a rainbow.

Towards the light I walk and the light walks towards me. We will meet one day, the journey begins in this moment.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Fear of Fear

The parched land did give me an answer, but how? Doesn’t it fear barrenness? It answered me though I had to wait for hours and hours as I walked ahead, crossed that skeletal shape of an animal and at last saw a cactus flower blooming.

The falling sky did give me an answer, but how? Doesn’t it fear horizon? It answered me to just look up at it and smile. I felt like I was falling back or was I flying… The night sky presented me with a mystery, with the sparkling mystery. I smiled and realised that I have been smiling the answer all the while.

The elixir of life presents itself to me, but why? Doesn’t it fear absorption? It answered me by flowing and gushing and filling up the planet and mankind alike. By giving itself up, it prospered in all forms and all life. Every glass of water now tells me why.

The sun’s fire doesn’t burn anyone, but why? Doesn’t it fear the cold end? It answered me ferociously by reaching every nook and corner and nurturing every universe. The epitome of supreme action and fiery hope, it burned all the questions and answers, leaving a pure residue alive.

The wind carries all life on its shoulders, but how? Doesn’t it fear burden? It answered me not, rather played with kites, the dry leaves, someone’s scarf, whistling in the woods, chiming music all around, lightly o lightly giving life, life.

The grand truths, moulded in Nature, by Nature, don’t know any fear.


They support answers and questions, I support fear. Silently walking down the approved pathway, I never dare to face a fear. Walls of doubts, plastic wallpapers, radio playing endless talks in a loop, I sit and I walk at the same time in my automatic red shoes. When I stay absolutely quiet, I count it as a good conversation. Fear of everything rules a life.

But when death strikes, in the end or the beginning, it surpasses everything. Death comes without any motive or desire.


Fear of fear confuses me, shackles me, blindfolds me, stupefies me, breaks me… but oddly, never stops me to act.

If fear fears anything, it is action. Action requires knowledge. Knowledge gives you experience, experience makes you wise and a wise person fears nothing.

(This post is written in remembrance of Gin Gin Bandri, a little kitten.) 

Monday, 26 February 2018


भिखारन और उसके बच्चे 

थोड़े में ही खुश थे ,

मैं जाते -जाते फिर मुड़ी 

उनसे हँसी उधार ले कर 

आधे रास्ते तक हँसती रही।



A beggar and her kids

Were happy with what they had,

I turned after passing them

Loaned a smile from them

And kept smiling half the way back.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Kora and Kankles

Round and round they danced and they sang about the grassland, that pink tree and her red scarf.

Whenever she saw someone’s silhouette arriving on the horizon, she threw her red scarf in the air to be the first one to welcome that visitor.

It is a beautiful sight to see colourful scarfs rising up in the sky and then falling back.

Once two musicians came there, lured by the dancing red scarfs, they played Kora and Kankles. On their melody she danced.

Life is flowing through the tunes of Kora and Kankles on to her and her dancing red scarf which then kisses the sky and passes it on further.

Listen to Kora and Kankles played by Solo and Indre - 

Sunday, 18 February 2018


What makes magic?

That which eyes can’t see yet the mind is determined to follow.

That which is thwarted by reason, that which is fictitious for logic.

A grand place where you meet the dragons and dance, where you befriend the little fairies, where nature talks and you listen…

What makes magic, the mere belief or its certainty?

Saturday, 17 February 2018

Papyrus Talks

Yes, all your talks are papyrus talks; that is why your breath smells of quaint urns. You’re still trying to sell old gossips that were packed and preserved in those canopic jars.

I have seen you dancing your fingers on the rock faces. And you hold that old text so dear to you. Don’t try to hide your love for it only confuses you and the listener.

Oh, that beautiful Nile song of yours, it shimmers and shines and colours the time into desert gold.

But mystery remains says the hourglass… probably that is why all your talks are papyrus talks.

Wednesday, 14 February 2018


Chantal didn’t finish the story. After gazing through the few lines that she had written, her search for a known voice abandoned her. She sat near the window, still holding her pen, playing with it in a steady rhythm, Chantal thought of something and rushed back to her seat. She wrote in her notebook–

It appears as if the joy within
Knows nothing about the war within
And vice-e-versa

Pausing for a moment, she then closed her notebook with a rough jerk. Chantal got up and walked back towards the window, this time leaving the pen behind, letting it rest on the table. Her gait reflected her confused, unsure, restless state of mind. Chantal took a deep sigh and then without giving it a thought, wrote the word ‘Incomplete’ on the windowpane; a hazy layer of fog on it allowed her to.

Chantal’s eyes fell on something interesting, something which was moving towards her house, she smiled. Her hand poked her cheek as she pondered over the matter. Suddenly, she opened the window and shouted, ‘Hi, how are you? It has been so long…’ A muffled voice replied, it made Chantal laugh heartily.

A smiling Chantal then closed the window and ran towards the door, opened it and left. Her footsteps on the wooden floor made a fine music.    

In This Moment

I am complete in this moment. Not in parts, the picture is clear now, the puzzle is solved. I breathe in quietness and the quietness deci...